Our Story

When I got my phone for the first time, I was obsessed with finding a unique phone case of my own, I used a lot of phone cases which bought from the malls, but ended up breaking my phone every month because those cases didn’t offer the high level of protection, It reminds me the a good phone case needs both great designs and good protection.

After I graduated from college, I founded my first company with a good friend, We are determined to design a unique mobile phone case for everyone, it needs both great designs and good protection.

After an exhausting 6 months of research, designing, caseative.com launched in May of 2018 from a small simple office.

Not over yet, We also need to provide the best customers services and shipment service, we visited a large number of carriage companies and  finally choosed some can take the responsibility to deliver our phone cases to customers in time.

Our products was made by many good factories and companies we cooperated so long like Shenzhen Fengshou Technology Co., Ltd, so we guarantee to provide high quality products to our customers

Thanks for reading and I hope you love our cases!

Shenzhen Shuiqing Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 101, Building 16, Lixia village third district, Pinghu street Longgang District, Shenzhen, China